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About Wayside

Wayside is a small privately owned leisure park in a landscaped, secluded setting with a 12 month holiday license. The park is just three miles from the nearest beaches and half a mile from the historic village of Minster. We are also just a thirty minute drive from the popular seaside town of Dover where you can also jump aboard a ferry for a day out to Calais.

Rural surroundings make it an ideal location for somewhere to get a relaxing escape. The park is best suited to those who are looking to for those quiet get aways.

We also have lodges for sale so take a look at what is currently on offer by clicking the button below.

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What’s around

The Isle of Thanet, set on the South Eastern corner of Kent, boasts miles of golden sandy beaches. Alternatively you may prefer to visit the picturesque villages set in beautiful countryside around the area.

All attractions are only a short drive from Wayside, only five miles to either Margate or Broadstairs and three miles to Ramsgate or Birchington. We are also just a thirty minute drive from Dover.

The ancient city of Canterbury with its medieval attractions and famous Cathedral is a twenty minute drive from Wayside.

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